Benchmarking commercial services

ASQ Retail measures passenger satisfaction with an airport's commercial services as well as its performance on key sales ratio and puts those measures into context through comparison with other airports. It helps managers improve commercial performance through a better understanding of their airport's retail / F&B offering's strengths & weaknesses and a deeper knowledge of global airport shopper profiles.

ASQ Retail focuses on the three most important service categories:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail (non duty free)
  • Retail (duty free)

ASQ Retail aims to help airports improve performance in these areas by providing a global benchmark of the following:

Retail / F&B offering satisfaction rating: comparison of 30 KPIs for the three key activities (F&B, duty free, general retail).
Sales performance: understanding how many passengers spend at your airport's outlets, including analysis of planned vs. impulse purchase and the total amount spent.
Consumer profile & behaviour: who are your typical airport shoppers, how many shops did they visit and how much time did they spend in your commercial outlets

ASQ Retail is a sister programme of the ASQ Survey, the world's leading airport customer satisfaction benchmark programme. It is designed to complement your airport's existing commercial research by providing a bi-annual comparison with global best practice.

ASQ Retail's combination of statistically accurate data, enriched with global best practices will help you identify areas for improvement and increase sales while providing an enhanced shopping experience for your passengers.

We can also provide webinar sessions introducing ASQ Retail. If you are interested, please contact DKMA.